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Committed to Privacy

Here at Smadoa we think that your personal data is high sensitive data, particularly when it comes to time tracking.

For that reason and to give our customers full control of their personal and company data, we only provide our products as self hosted versions. Because of this you are able to control data flow of the applications provided by us at any time. In addition we guarantee that we have not and will never implement any function which will be able to track or grap any of your personal data.


GDPR Compliance

Smadoa GmbH - as a company located in the EU - is enforced by law to be GDPR compliant. GDPR is a general data protection regulation which has impact across the EU. The full text of GDPR can be found here.


Website Usage

Please refer to our data protection policy if you are interested about the usage of your personal data while visiting our website(s).

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