This Service Level Agreement describes our committment with Atlassian customers who have purchased a commercial license of our JIRA time tracking add-on icTime and icBiz.

Request Support

There are a couple of ways to request support or ask general questions. Before requesting support, you might want to check the current ictime documentation. If you are using ictime the first time, you might want to refer to First Steps for some information on the first configuration steps. Please provide your exact JIRA version number and ictime version number when asking for support.

Via Our Support JIRA
You can browse our JIRA instance at and create issues there (you have to register/log in to do so). Please do not use this option for general questions, but only for bug reports and feature requests.

Via E-mail
You can send support requests via email to jiraplugins(at) at any time.

Via Atlassian Answers
You might also want to browse existing questions or ask a new question at Atlassian Answers. If you ask a question at Atlassian Answers, please do not forget to tag it with "ictime" (addon-de.iconcept.ictime.jira-ictime).

Response Time

For all support requests via e-mail our issues created in our ictime JIRA instance (see above), we will respond in no more than

from the time of your request. For critical requests (like severe bugs, issues that make ictime unusable or issues that affect your JIRA installation), you can expect a response within

You can generally expect that we do our best to respond to all requests and to provide a workaround or bugfix asap.

For support requests via Atlassian Answers (see above), same response times apply if your question is properly tagged with "ictime" (addon-de.iconcept.ictime.jira-ictime). Please understand that we can't grant these response times if your question does not have this tag as this means that we won't get automatically notified about your question.

Business Hours

Our business hours are Monday - Friday, 9:00-18:00 CET, but not on public holidays in Germany, Federal State of Hessen (click here to get information on the specific dates).

Scope of Support

We are providing support for all kinds of user questions regarding installation, upgrades and usage of ictime. We are providing technical support for all kinds of bugs and issues arising during installation, upgrades and usage of ictime, including compatibility issues with JIRA. Whenever possible, we will provide the description for a workaround for a customer problem and - in case of bugs - a bugfix release a soon as possible. We can't provide support for JIRA, but will always try to help if a customer has questions on how to use JIRA and ictime together. In general, we only support the latest version of ictime that should be compatible with the current major JIRA release (like 6.x), i.e. we will usually not provide fixes for older versions of ictime that are compatible with older major JIRA versions (like 5.x).

We are also happy to help people with evaluation licenses or customers with general questions and suggestions.

We can provide support in English and German.