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We develop free and commercial plugins for Atlassian JIRA:

  • ictime - comprehensive time tracking solution for JIRA. Flexible reporting, billing support, project teams and price lists, user timesheets, activity types, rounding rules, moving work logs, logging work for others and much more: Website or ictime (Atlassian Marketpplace)
  • icbiz - API to connect JIRA, ictime and an accounting/ERP system: icbiz (Atlassian Marektplace)

Find more details on Atlassian Marketplace.

  • Get support for our JIRA plugins (see below)
  • EULA for our JIRA plugins
  • Privacy Policy for our JIRA plugins

Get support for Atlassian Plugins


File an request using our issue tracker at


File an request using our issue tracker at

In addition you are invited to contact us by mail.
Please drop us a mail to

Using the trackers is the prefered method to ask for support. We will always ask you to use our tracking system to file bugs or feature requests. This way you are able to keep track and see the progress of your ticket. Also it is transparent to others who can easily find out which issues are being worked on already.

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